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About Swedish Woman of the Year

SWEA’s annual recognition of Swedish Woman of the Year

Årets Svenska Kvinna loggaThe person recognized as Swedish Woman of the Year must be a Swedish woman who, through her distinguished accomplishments, has represented and promoted contemporary Sweden to the world. The recipient may be a member of SWEA.

Each year, the recipient receives her award and is honored at SWEA’s annual summer event in Sweden, the Sverigemiddag (”Sweden dinner”). The Swedish Woman of the Year makes a brief presentation prior to the dinner and receives a memento.

The distinction of Swedish Woman of the Year has been awarded to thirty women since 1989, each of them serving as “ambassadors” for Sweden in a number of ways.

Nominations must be received by the committee at the latest by 30 November each year. During the month of February, members of SWEA will participate in a voting process to select among the roster of nominees. The SWEA International Board will reveal the name of the recipient of Swedish Woman of the Year during the annual meeting of the Board, which takes place during the spring.